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Thursday, 26. June 2003
Vincent Gallo und "The Brown Bunny"

Eine sehr gelungene Seite über den selbstbewußt-schwierigen, widersprüchlichen Vincent Gallo ist galloappreciation.com.

Zitat aus einem Artikel der Village Voice über Gallos "The Brown Bunny" in Cannes:

"The question is not how did I do it all myself," goes a typical Galloism (he claims he worked with a crew of two). "It's, How did I put up with the incompetence of the people I had to work with?"

Außerdem wird die angebliche Entschuldigung Gallos für seinen Film in ihrem Kontext abgedruckt:

"This is a place where merchandise or tangible objects are brought and sold to be marketed as entertainment throughout the world," he said. "I made one of these things that's supposed to entertain people. To criticize a movie because it's unsuccessful in that purpose, I accept that. They're right. If no one wants to see the movie then it's a disastrous film and a waste of time. And I apologize to the financiers."

Link via Film-Philosophy Salon wo es derzeit eine Diskussion [Thread 1/Thread 2]* über Gallo gibt.

*"Subject" anklicken, um im Thread weiterzukommen.

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