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Friday, 20. May 2005
Anthony Braxton 60th Birthday Collection

Diese Sache ist mir doch ein großes Anliegen. (Jawohl, mein Name taucht auch in der folgenden Petition auf.) Überlegen Sie sich also bitte eine "Spende", wenn Sie ABs Musik mögen. Mehr über Anthony Braxton - vielleicht eine Reihe mit ein paar meiner Lieblingsplatten von ihm - wird es sicher in den nächsten Wochen an dieser Stelle geben.

---Anfang des Rundschreibens
On June 4th multi-instrumentalist/composer/writer/teacher Anthony Braxton will be turning 60. 2005 is his 39th year in Creative Musics and
38 years have passed since his recording debut on (Muhal) Richard Abrams' "Levels And Degrees of Light". One outcome of Braxton's never-wavering dedication over these four decades is a qualitively astounding discography of nearly 250 albums.

Braxton's birthday provides a great opportunity for us to show our appreciation - not only of his music but for him as an artist who held out through rough times (like the first half of the 80s or the period after his expensive opera project "Trillium R", 1996).

Mr. Braxton has been quite generous about his fans' sharing of OOP records (for example the scandalously unavailable Arista albums!) and even encourages it. So if you partook in trading/downloading this material or live bootlegs or if you simply want to make a birthday present you can do this now through the "Anthony Braxton 60th Birthday Collection".

The procedure: Click




Both links lead to the following PayPal page

paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_xclick&business=gregory%2es%2eblake%40fri tolay%2ecom&no_shipping=0&no_note=1&tax=0&currency_code=USD&lc=US

and are provided for better usability.

The "AB60thBC" utilizes a PayPal business account. Therefore donors don't need to be PayPal members and can send their contributions also with their credit cards. Only 1.5% PP transaction fees will be deducted from each donation - the rest will be taken over by us.

Mr. Braxton will get 98.5% of the total sum of the contributions.

Once the campaign has ended (June 30th), the money will be sent to Braxton via check. Proof that he got it will be provided with scans of the transaction stub and/or a message from Mr. Braxton.

Braxton himself doesn't know about this initiative yet.

Please forward this mail (or only the link to the PP account page) to any person that might be interested in contributing to the campaign.

Thanks in advance for any donation!

Regards Greg Blake - manager of the "AB 60th birthday" PP account Franz Fuchs - moderator of the Braxton mailing list

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May 2005
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Anthony Braxton 60th Birthday Collection
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