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Wednesday, 23. April 2003

John Cage Vignette über Jazz und Rock [Cage Mailinglistenarchiv]

Herb Levy* dazu:

Equally true is the fact that in different interviews and discussions from various periods Cage said wildly contradictory things. In some later interviews Cage spoke highly of at least some kinds of improvisations &, for what it's worth, much of his argument against the work of Glenn Branca (well-known in some circles, not least, because Branca likes to position himself as the new music guy that Cage didn't like) seems to be rooted at least in part on Cage not liking fairly standard rock band gestures.

So I'd take this quote with a lot of grains of salt. In general, [...] I'm not sure it's worth a lot of time to defend or counter statements of Cage's opinions such as these.

*DJ der Internetradiosendung "Mappings" (die leider schon einige Zeit pausiert)

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